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Abit Entering Graphics Market
Channel vendors have passed on the word that motherboard manufacturer Abit is taking steps to begin selling Nvidia GPU-based graphics cards.  With this move, Abit joins the ranks of first-tier motherboard manufacturers who also sell graphics cards with the likes of Elitegroup Computer Systems and Foxconn.
While expanding to the rather profitable graphics card market could certainly help Abit, the field is already so crowded with companies such as Evga, XFX, Zotac, and ASUS that it may be difficult for Abit to get their share of the market.
Currently there is no word whether Abit will attempt to sell AMD/ATI cards as well.
Is it too late for Abit to enter the already crowded graphics card market, or will their reputation as a top-notch motherboard manufacturer allow them to snag the attention of potential customers?
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