ADATA Announce “First” JMF616-Based SSD Page: 1

Memory provider ADATA have announced the latest addition to their SSD lineup, the S596 Turbo. The drive is being touted as the world’s first drive making use of the latest next-generation JMicron JMF616 controller, though in truth Mach Xtreme Technology announced a drive last week. Meant to address the stuttering problems found in the previous generation, this new controller features a 128MB cache buffer as well as wear-leveling and TRIM support.

The new controller brings increased speed along with the improved stability, with sustained read speeds of 260MB/s and write speeds of 210MB/s (130MB/s for smaller capacities). Much like its predecessor, the S596 Turbo also features a dual interface, allowing users to connect their drives via mini USB as an external device in addition to the usual SATA interface. The drives will come in 32/64/128/256GB varieties and will bear a 3 year warranty.

Unfortunately, at this point there is no information on the random I/O performance of the new controller, which many regard as a true indicator of SSD performance. As more drives bearing the controller appear this is bound to change. Should it prove to be a decent performer, perhaps it will help bring SSD prices down further considering the budget prices JMicron offerings tend to fetch.

For more info, check out the product page here.

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