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This might sound way off-track from the standard OC3D fare, but conservation is something we have always been keen about. So when this particular piece of news came along, we could not possibly not put it up.

If you are an iPhone user who is also keen on conservation and nature, then here’s an iPhone app that is perfectly up your street. Leading ocean conservation agency Neptune Navy’s Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has come out with an iPhone app that lets users join in the crusade to save marine life the world over.

Sea Shepherd has been recognized by Charity Navigator as a four-star efficiency charity, making it the most effective non-profit direct action marine conservation organization in the world. Sea Shepherd has been championing the cause of marine conservation and pushing for strict enforcement of international laws for more than three decades. With its new iPhone application, the society is now taking conservation to a wider audience, allowing them to keep tabs on the society’s exciting, dangerous and important missions straight from their phones.

With the Sea Shepherd iPhone app installed, users can easily stay up-to-date on the latest happenings with Sea Shepherd. The app will bring last minute updates on the organization’s many campaigns including its Operation No Compromise for Antarctic Whale Defense. The campaign is already generating lot of interest and is soon to feature on the fourth season of Whale Wars on Animal Planet.

International breaking news from various environmental hot spots, first-hand updates on real environmental happenings, and a host of other information will also be delivered by Sea Shepherd via the app. With direct links to Twitter and Facebook, users will also be able to follow commentaries from the organization’s leaders and other community members.

“Technology continues to change the way the world receives information and breaking news. I’m grateful that we are one of the first non-profit conservation organizations to leverage this technology and send updates to our supporters [via iPhones] with the click of a button. Sea Shepherd is ready for this year’s campaign with the goal of financially ‘sinking’ Japan’s illegal whaling operations. This new tool will allow iPhone users to do their part by staying informed, sharing updates to improve awareness and raise funds, and help ensure our success to end this barbaric slaughter,” Sea Shepherd Founder and President Captain Watson said.

The move from Sea Shepherd is a path-breaking one and makes it one of the first non-profit direct action agency to introduce an app that lets its supports stay informed and connected with its activities regardless of location. Users can even send their donations for campaigns, buy merchandise, and spread word about conservation through the app. With mobile phone apps fast becoming the preferred marketing and campaign media for many companies to promote their products, the move from Sea Shepherd is also a smart one and in keeping with the times.

For the true conservationists out there, here’s a chance to get in touch with marine conservation as it happens. Go ahead and download this free app from Sea Shepherd and add your voice to saving the world’s marine wildlife, right from your iPhone!

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