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Akasa Announces GEMINI Notebook Cooler

Akasa has announced their new stylish and silent notebook cooler, the GEMINI.  The GEMINI utilizes two ultra-quiet fans to direct air into the notebook base for lowest possible noise during operation.  The fans are easily controlled with an on/off switch, allowing the user the have them running only when needed.  Built using a lightweight material and ergonomic design, the GEMINI provides easy portability and comfortable keyboard operation. 

The cooler is powered solely by USB port, removing the need of power cables or software support.  In addition to this, the GEMINI features two built-in USB ports, ensuring that no functionality is cut down while in use.

The GEMINI comes in Satin Black and Polar White coloring schemes.

Suitable for 15.4” widescreen notebooks or below
Strong, ventilated body adds style to your Notebook or MacBook
Lightweight material for easy portability
Efficiently reduces operating temperature and noise
Two new design 1200 RPM ultra-quiet fans with on/off switch
Ergonomic design provides comfortable keyboard operation
Powered directly from a USB port
Additional USB port enables lo-power device connection (i.e. mouse)
Non slip pads on the bottom ensure stable operation

Application  Notebook / MacBook cooler
 Material  ABS
 Outline dimension  350 x 305 x 45mm
 Fan dimension  70 x 70 x 15mm
 Fan speed  1200 R.P.M
 Fan air pressure  0.35 mm H2O
 Bearing type  Sleeve Bearing
 Fan life expectancy  30000/hrs
 Voltage rating  DC 5V
 Weight  600g
 Product code  AK-NBC-03-WH

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