Alan Wake 2 Story Ready And Written Page: 1

Back in February, the TV-like episodic horror game, Alan Wake, finally got its release dated.  Since then, it has garnered a fair bit of praise from a variety of game critic sites, scoring under 80 in a mere four reviews out of 45 according to MetaCritic.  Encouraged by this reaction, it seems Remedy Games is reared and ready to go for a sequel, with the story for "season two" already written.

"We do know where season two is going to go," says head of franchise development Oskari Hakkinen speaking to CVG. "Season one will have a conclusive and satisfactory ending but we will leave doors open for season two and we know where we're going to take the story."

Production and release of a second game still relies on the actual sales of the the first, but the guys at Remedy appear to be confident.  In response to comments regarding some of the lower scores seen on MetaCretic on their forums, writer Mikko Rautalahti says the game has been a success in their eyes despite not having yet been released.

"Yeah, we don't really look at the Metascore all that much. It'd be nice if it was really high, of course, but considering how much praise we've gotten this far, we feel pretty good about the whole thing.

Clearly, it's been a critical success; the fact that some people feel differently about it doesn't change the fact that of the scores listed in the first post of this thread, there are eight perfect scores, and over 40 give us a 9 or a better. Only 7 reviews have given us a score of less than 8. That tells us in no uncertain terms that there's a lot of love for Alan Wake out there, and we'd have to be complete goddamn idiots to not be satisfied with that. I mean, sure, the next time, we definitely hope to top that, it's nice to have something to aim for, but we're pretty damn far from disappointed."

Alan Wake is set to hit stores this week, so Remedy should be able to get a gauge of public reaction soon.  If they truly go ahead with the next season, let's hope it doesn't take them five years to get it out this time around.