Alan Wake Release Dated Page: 1

Yesterday, Microsoft made a fairly big announcement for gamers at their X10 event in San Francisco.  The highly-anticipated horror game, Alan Wake, has finally gotten a release date of May 18th in the US, with the European version coming a few days later on the 21st.  

Announced five years ago at the 2005 E3 event, Alan Wake follows the story of a best-selling writer who's in a bit of a slump.  Soon after moving to Bright Falls, his wife disappears and he quickly finds his latest thriller is coming to life before his very eyes.

The now Xbox 360-exclusive title will hit stores at a price of $60 for the regular edition and $80 for the special edition.  Those who have pre-ordered the game will be given access to a special Bright Falls Bonus Pack including Avatar gear, a 360 theme, and a "making-of" video.  The limited edition version of the game will contain the following extras:

--Game disc in box with unique art
--Exclusive in-game audio commentary and hints by Remedy
--"The Alan Wake Files": A 144-page book that includes a short story written by Alan Wake and compiles the FBI dossiers investigating the events in Bright Falls, WA
--Exclusive audio disc with soundtrack and score
--Game add-on token redeemable on Xbox Live for the first Alan Wake add-on content pack
--Exclusive Xbox disc with special content: Alan Wake Xbox Live Theme and Alan Wake Avatar for Xbox Live




A new trailer out of developer Remedy Games was shown at the event.

Also announced at the event was that the multiplayer beta for the upcoming Halo: Reach game would go live May 3rd.  This beta will be accessible only through the use of the Halo 3: ODST disc.