Albatron Goes the Red Way, Unveils Radeon HD 4890 Page: 1
Albatron Goes the Red Way, Unveils Radeon HD 4890

Long time NVIDIA partner Albatron seems to have changed tracks – the company has rolled out a Radeon HD 4890 followingThe first Albatron-branded AMD card - Radeon HD 4890 AMD’s launch of its new graphics card last week. Surprisingly, the Taiwanese firm has not yet come out with a card based on the GeForce GTX 275 from NVIDIA.

Last week was a frenetic one for the graphics card industry with simultaneous launches from AMD and NVIDIA; most partners of the two companies were running crazy trying to be the first to take benefit from the launches. Albatron however decided to follow a different track by switching over from NVIDIA to AMD.

The new card launched by Albatron is a stock-clocked derivative of AMD’s new GPU product. According to rumours, the card is the first of many Albatron-branded Radeon graphics cards. This switch-over by Albatron could perhaps be attributed to NVIDIA’s soft launch of the GeForce GTX 275 as stocks of the card are expected to reach partners only by 18th April. AMD on the other hand has already shipped out more than 50,000 cards.

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