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Albatron Ships PCI Based GeForce 8 Series Cards For Older PCs Albatron PCI based GeFore 8's
Coming way out of left field with this one, Albatron Technology is to release PCI cards (not PCI Express) based on the GeForce 8 series GPU's. For those still on older motherboards with PCI slots only or integrated graphics, these cards will offer a significant graphics boost along with dual monitor capabilities. The cards will be offered in the following falvours: the PCI8600GT-256X; the PCI8500GT-256X and the PCI8400GS-256.
It’s a little known fact that there have been millions of Mainboards mass produced in the last 7 years with AGP and PCI Express slots left off in favor of integrated graphics only. Although these mainboards have the traditional PCI-slots, they have been deprived of a chance to upgrade to the latest graphics technology which is almost exclusively for PCI Express these days. The best alternative to experience the latest graphics was for a complete systems overhaul - that is, until now.
Albatron has answered the call with its PCI based VGA cards featuring recent NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series graphics technology. These cards allow these mainboards a chance to make a significant jump from integrated graphics without investing time and money in a whole new system
Looking for a chance to add on a third or fourth monitor? Then these hot pink offerings from Albatron may be right up your alley.
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