Alien Swarm Gains New Features Page: 1

When Valve released Alien Swarm last month, the game garnered a fair bit of attention.  Not only was the former UT2004 mod Source Engine port free, it was also quite fun.  Catering to fan requests from the game's popularity, Valve has decided to provide an update with a few new features.

One of the main cries from players was for more variety.  Thus, "Onslaught" mode was added.  Utilizing a decision-engine similar to the one seen in the Left 4 Dead series, an AI director sends waves of aliens depending on the player team's stress level and other factors.  This ensures a level never plays the same twice.

The other popular fan request dealt with difficulty level.  This spawned the "Brutal" difficulty level, which is so vicious, the dev team has yet to complete a mission on it themselves.  Also added was a toggle-able "Hardcore Friendly Fire" mode, which results in greater damage and faster negative effects (ie getting set on fire) from team shots.

Three new promotion ranks have been added as well to reward the most dedicated of players: Platinum Star, Osmium Star, and the coveted Iridium Medallion.

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