Alienware's insane new Area-51 ALX Desktop is now available Page: 1
Alienware’s insane new Area-51 ALX Desktop is now available
alienware area 51 alxIf you want to get your hands on the highest performing pre-built PC around, one of the first manufacturers you look at would probably be Alienware. While their case design may not be to everybody’s taste, it certainly looks formidable and rightly so judging by the hardware inside. It’s hard to argue with performance, and the new Area-51 ALX is certainly no slouch.
If you wish, you can specify a system with an Intel Core i7 975 factory overclocked to 3.86GHz. Alienware are an official OEM partner for ATI’s Radeon HD 5870, currently the fastest GPU’s on the market, and you can even get a pair in crossfire for the ultimate graphical experience.
The new PC is also factory watercooled, and we would expect nothing less in a high-end rig. Back onto the case, being an Alienware it certainly has some unique features, controlled through Alienware’s Command Centre software.
The Command Centre provides access to a vast array of settings and features, including their AlienFX lighting system, with up to 64 million colour combinations available, Active venting which opens up vents in the roof for enhanced airflow and of course a myriad of thermal and power control options. The case is also designed to make maintaining and upgrading the system easy, including two internal lighting zones powered by rechargeable batteries so you can service the system even when the power is unplugged.
The Area-51 ALX is available now from Alienware, with prices starting at £2899.
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