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Alienware Unveils Its Most Powerful Notebook Ever The Area-51 m17x
Alienware today launches the Area-51 m17x, a commanding and aggressive addition to the newly redesigned Area-51 line of notebook computers. Alienware has already received numerous awards from the computer industry this year with the launch of the 15.4-inch Area-51 m15x, and the company has once again upped the ante. With a brilliant 17-inch, widescreen HD display, Alienware has designed the Area-51 m17x for PC gamers, 3D content creators and multi-media enthusiasts.
The Area-51 m17x surpasses expectations as the fastest notebook Alienware has ever designed. An Intel Core 2 Extreme processor teams with the fearsome power of dual, SLI-enabled NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX GPUs for unprecedented performance levels.
“We pride ourselves in designing elite systems for consumers who absolutely refuse to settle for second best,” said Brian Joyce, Senior Vice President at Alienware. “The Area-51 m17x is, by far, the most aggressive, most powerful notebook computer Alienware has ever built.”
The Area-51 m17x satisfies even the most demanding mobile users by delivering:
NVIDIA SLI technology with dual NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX graphics cards to produce an unrivaled mobile DirectX 10 gaming experience. Intel's 45nm Core 2 Extreme X9000 mobile processors supporting maximum speed and responsiveness during intense battle sequences in users’ favorite games, crisp 3D rendering, flawless music encoding and other high-intensity tasks. Up to 640GB of hard drive space for storing massive entertainment collections, plus support for solid state drives and hybrid hard drives. The Alienware Command Center control panel, home to exclusive programs such as the AlienFX customisable lighting feature and the AlienFusion power management system.
Smart Bay technology that allows users to swap out their optical drive for an additional 320GB hard drive, bringing the notebook’s storage capacity to nearly 1TB.
When asked to compare the Area-51 m17x to its sibling system, the Area-51 m15x, Joyce said, “With both systems, Alienware has once again revolutionized mobile performance. The Area-51 m15x is ideally suited for road warriors or students who are constantly on the move but still want that boost of power Alienware delivers. The Area-51 m17x is for professionals and hardcore enthusiasts who want pure, unbridled performance with the added benefit of portability.”
“Intel’s Core 2 Extreme and Core 2 Duo mobile processors power the Area-51 m17x to performance results that are nothing short of spectacular and can even rival most desktop systems,” said Erik Reid, Director of Marketing, Mobile Products Group, Intel. “Improvements in speed and energy efficiency delivered by the Intel Core microarchitecture give Area-51 m17x users confidence that they are working and gaming on the most advanced technology imaginable.”
“With NVIDIA SLI and two GeForce 8800M GTX GPUs, the most powerful notebook graphics processing solution ever, Alienware’s Area-51 m17x is equipped to generate an unrivaled visual experience,” said Rene Haas, general manager of notebook GPUs at NVIDIA. “Whether users are tackling the new era of DirectX 10 games, high-definition movies or dynamic Windows Vista applications, they can count on the Area-51 m17x to deliver.”
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