All UK radio stations to be available on one website by Christmas? Page: 1
All UK radio stations to be available on one website by Christmas?
Earlier this year, commercial radio and the BBC joined forces, setting up the Radio Council. The Radio Council is a cross-industry body set up to protect the future of radio in a digital world and protect the interests of both the BBC and commercial stations.
They aim to set up a website offering access to every radio station in the UK in the plan, supported by Director of audio and music at the BBC, Tim Davie, who is also a Founder of the Radio Council group. The new site could provide listeners with live access to up to 500 radio networks.
The site is aiming to launch a beta test before Christmas, with the full launch due in the first half of next year.
In an interview with The Independent, Davie declared that free music websites such as Dizzler and Spotify pose a “real threat” to the radio, unless it quickly provides a one-stop-shop for radio listening. Currently only two per cent of UK listeners are tuning in online. He goes on to say that "Radio, by working as a sector more effectively, can really prosper in the digital world.”
Chief executive of the Radio Council, Andrew Harrison has said "I think it's going to be quite a breakthrough project." He can’t be wrong, I don’t think that a media collaboration of this magnitude has ever been even attempted anywhere in the world and it will be great to see how this works out.
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