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Amazon Basics
Amazon Basics RangeAmazon have launched their own Basics range, very similar to the type you see in supermarkets. Amazon Basics is a range of products, similar to super market's own brand, plain packaging and low prices, aimed at products were packaging doesn't matter, or is less likely to impact a decision on purchasing.
The range is initially limited to their US website, and only blank optical media and computer / AV cables, however, they do say that they are looking to expand the range and availability very soon. The range of products also uses Amazon's much loved Frustration-Free Packaging, which does as it says on the tin. No more items in 3 boxes, or that awkward clamshell plastic. This cuts down on cost and amount of wasted materials. For more information on this then visit Amazon's website here.
"We saw an opportunity to create a line of consumer electronics basics that combine quality and low prices for an overall focus on value," said Paul Ryder, VP of consumer electronics at Amazon. "We will continue to gather input from customers and evaluate opportunities for new products under the Amazon Basics brand."
Any money saving move is welcomes by consumers today, and if it helps to save the planet too then that's even better! What do you think? Discuss in our Forums.