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We have lift off, well nearly!

4870 Launch DayToday is the day that AMD/ATi's new flagship card has been launched, and it seems like they may be in short supply. Most of the online retailers we checked are still showing their stock status of the new cards as 'pre-order'. There are quite a few e-tailers who aren't even listing the X2's yet. It's a similar story stateside too. So it looks like those who wanted to be the first to get their hands on the new cards are in for a waiting game until stock starts to appear.

Scan are selling 5 different cards ranging from £371.29 up to £399.

Ebuyer are offering 2 cards, with prices from £344.95 & £354.98.

Overclockers UK are selling 3 cards, with prices from £375.99 to £399.49. They do have some versions of the 4870 X2's in stock at the moment ( at the time of writing this article).

Early buyers are sure to pay a premium for the new cards, as prices drops are expected to occur quite soon.


Asetek 4870 x2 LCLCOn another X2 note, Asetek have offered a watercooled 4870 X2 out to OEM's, which is a welcome turn as the X2's are said to generate temps nearing 100°C on aircooling with a power draw of around 280 watts. The waterblock used will be of single slot height when fitted, compared with the dual slot height of the stock air cooler. 



From Asetek's press release:

Tests indicate that Asetek's highly integrated, liquid cooling solution lowers the GPU temperatures found on the 4870 X2 by as much as 28 degrees. This enables the cards to have optimum overclocking potential for the extreme applications, but to also run completely silent. Only the system heat exchanger fan that typically runs at a very quiet 30 dB(A)—equivalent to a loud whisper—can be heard.

 You can view the full press release here

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