AMD 960T Only Delayed? Page: 1

Last week, it was reported the core-locked Phenom II X4 960T Thuban processor would not make it to retail channels, instead being restricted to OEM release.  This was quite a blow to overclockers on a budget hoping for a cheaper, unlockable quad-to-hex core CPU.  However, it seems AMD may have changed their minds about things.

eTeknix, citing an unnamed source, has now given word that the 960T's release has been delayed rather than outright canceled.  Their source did not specify a release timeframe or possible pricing, but at least it is believed the Thuban quad will indeed be coming eventually.

Now the main concern is whether AMD will do anything to hamper the possibility of core unlocking.  The fact that they were concerned enough with the "problems" of their tri-cores to consider canceling the 960T's release does mean this is a distinct possibility.  We will just have to hope that when the time comes, this does not occur.