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AMD/ATI have already got to work on their development plans for 2008.
Specifically, it appears as though AMD and ATI are planning unified, scalable platforms using a mixture of AMD CPUs, ATI chipsets and ATI GPUs
This sort of multi-GPU, multi-CPU architecture is extremely reminiscent of AMD's Torrenza technology announced this past June, which allows low-latency communications between chipset, CPU and memory.
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The idea behind Torrenza is to open the market for 3rd party chipset development. AMD said the technology is an open architecture, allowing "accelerators" to be added to the system to perform specific duties in the same way the new PPU chips do.
AMD President Dirk Meyer says "As we look towards ever finer manufacturing geometries we see the opportunity to integrate CPU and GPU cores together onto the same die to better serve the needs of some segments." During the AMD/ATI merger conference call, Meyer furthermore added that not too long ago, floating point processing was done on a separate piece of silicon. Meyer claimed that the trend for the FPU integration into the CPU may not be too different than the evolution of the GPU into the CPU

AMD recently filed its first graphics based patent a few weeks ago. The patent, "CPU and graphics unit with shared cache" would indicate that these concepts are more than just ideas.

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