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AMD's Open Physics Initiative
AMD have joined forces with Pixelux Entertainments to expand the use of real-time physics with graphics through the open source Bullet Physics engine. Since Nvidia bought Ageia technology in 2008, PhysX has been exclusive to Nvidia cards and with many developers having spoke about the need for an open source physics engine that can be used on any GPU. This led to AMD signing a deal with Pixelux to try and create a widespread adoption of game physics on not only AMD and Nvidia hardware but consoles and other gaming hardware too, by using standards such as OpenCL and DirectX . This will finally bring high level physics and simulation to the mainstream as more developers will cater for it.
Pixelux's Bullet Physics is currently the third most popular physics engine, behind PhysX and Havok. Nobody is certain on how Bullet's features stack up against the competition, but it is the preferred library in the CGI industry for movies, meaning it must be pretty special. This announcement will no doubt please the end user and worry Nvidia, they won't be the sold players in the industry any more and with AMD's popularity growing daily, this could be a very interesting time for the consumer as the pair battle it out.
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