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The roadmap for “Bulldozer” - the next generation of CPUs from AMD’s stable has been revealed on the ATI Forum. According to the tech industry grapevine, Bulldozer should be powerful enough to take on Intel’s top processors when it makes its debut next year.

According to the roadmap on the ATI Forum (images below courtesy of ATI Forum), AMD will be entering all market segments. Leading the way will be its desktop CPU, which will be based on its “Zambezi” die. Some of the main processors slated for release in 2Q 2011 include an 8-core one for the enthusiast crowd, a 6-core chip for the performance segment, and a mainstream 4-core processor. The first to be released will be the 8-core chips, with 125W and 95W models making the first appearance. These will be followed by 6-core and 4-core processors later in the year.

The roadmap also shows that the Zambezi chips will have DDR3-1866 MHz as its standard memory type. When in dual-channel mode, this will throw up as much as 29.9 GB/s of processing power, a lot higher than the 25.6 GB/s available through the DDR3-1066 MHz memory in Intel’s Core i7 LGA1366 processors.

Other features of the Zambezi series include 8 MB L3 cache for the 8- and 6-core models while the 4-core ones will have 4 MB. The Zambezi chips will also not be backward compatible with existing AM3 and AM2/AMD2+ socket motherboards as they will be carrying AM3+ sockets.

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