AMD Commemorates Earth Day with Low Power Chips Page: 1
AMD Commemorates Earth Day with Low Power Chips
AMD celebrated Earth Day yesterday with the debut of two quad-core chips for servers, both with low power consumption levels. The new chips form part of the Opteron range of processors from the company.
Targeted at datacenters that require high chip density with even higher energy efficiency levels, both the Opteron 2373 EE and the Opteron 2377 EE operate at just 40W power. The new chips are based on AMD’s Shanghai server architecture and fit into motherboards with dual-sockets. While the 2373 EE is clocked at 2.1GHz, the 2377 EE is set for 2.3GHz; both processors come with 6MB of L3 cache.
AMD has refrained from releasing prices of the Opteron EE chips, but keeping in mind the $450 price of the Opteron 2379 HE, the new chips can be expected to fall in a similar price range.
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