AMD Confirms Deneb Core Rumors Page: 1
AMD admit using Deneb core in other CPUs
An AMD Athlon II X4 CPU unlocked to feature 6MB of L3 CacheAMD have confirmed the rumours, or should we say fact, that they were using Deneb cores for some of their Athlon II CPUs. The Deneb core is the basis of the popular Phenom II X4 CPUs, and once the L3 cache was disabled, it became the Athlon II X4 quad core processors we all know and love. The rumor was confirmed when some users on the internet used certain motherboard to unlock the 'hidden' L3 cache on the processor and convert it to a fully functioning Phenom II X4 CPU, for no extra cost at all.
These Athlon II CPUs were supposed to be based on the Propus core, but this faced a delay and for some reason AMD decided to use the crippled Deneb cores instead. This will now have a positive impact on the Athlon II pricing, as the Propus core is now ready and used in the Athlon II X4 6xxe series. The shrink from a 258mm die to the 169mm Propus die means prices will be even lower, although that means no more free upgrades as the stock of older Deneb based Athlons will be gone very soon.
Wether this was a genuine scheme or simply a marketing plan to draw attention to the already-cheap quad core CPUs is still unknown, but now we know it was done on purpose for one reason or another. Discuss in our Forums.