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AMD Denies Intel License Allegations

A couple days ago, Intel made a press release claiming that AMD had broken a cross-license patent agreement the two chip giants had made back in 2001.  In essence, Intel believes that the Global Foundries company that AMD formed late last year with the ATIC was not a valid subsidiary under the agreement.  A claim such as this can't be expected to be ignored, and now AMD has responded.

AMD has states quite simply that these claims are false and were created by Intel in order to deflect attention for their current antitrust problems that they are facing in multiple regions, including the European Union and South Korea.  AMD went on to say that, should Intel pursue their claim in the courts, they will be able to prove the claim is fake and an attempt to mess with AMD's commercial workings.

Intel certainly seems to be quite trigger-happy when it comes to their licenses recently, having called out other rival Nvidia last month over a similar issue.  Will AMD put Intel in their place, or does Intel's claim have the air of truth?

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