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AMD Dropping HD 4000 Series Prices

With consumers in the know being annoyed with Nvidia's constant rebranding, this time with the G92 going into the GTS250 cards, AMD is going to really up the pressure and move in the for the kill.  The guys over at DailyTech have learned that AMD is planning to drop the prices of their acclaimed HD 4000 series cards sometime this week.  And these price cuts are quite nice.

The mid/high-range HD 4870 is getting a full 25% price cut, dropping down from a MSRP of $199 down to $149.  This puts it priced under its Nvidia counterpart, the GTX 260, which it has been known to outperform in many situations.  The HD 4850 will be getting a lesser drop down from $149 to $129, while the "entry"-level (which is really more like a mid-level, cheaper HD 4850) HD 4830 will be replaced by the RV740 card with an even lower price point.

With their current legal issues and now these price cuts out of AMD, things certainly aren't looking too good for Nvidia at this point.  AMD truely looks to be working hard to carve out a new place for themselves in the PC world.

Has AMD won you over?

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