AMD Drops HD 4870 X2 Price Page: 1
AMD Drops HD 4870 X2 Price

This past week, Nvidia announced their new GTX295 dual-GPU card at CES.  Based on the specs and numbers posted by the GPUs included on the card, it was clear that Nvidia would be regaining the single card performance crown.  Pricing the card at $500, Nvidia has forced AMD's hand.  Thus, AMD has dropped the MSRP of their flagship HD 4870 X2 card from $549 down to $449.

Over the past several months, AMD has gained some serious market share.  After Nvidia's dominance with the G92, AMD has gained enough ground to almost hold 50% of the graphics market.  Obviously this price cut has been made in hopes of undermining the GTX295 release and getting one step closer to having a majority of the market share.

Will this price cut be enough to retain a hold on the top-end graphics market?

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