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AMD expands embedded line with Sempron 2100+ processor with 9W power envelope.

Advanced Micro Devices has set about expanding on its embedded platform by including the new AMD Sempron 2100+ and the AMD Geode LX [email protected] processor, the latter which can now support designs to be deployed in harsh temperature environments.

The AMD Sempron 2100+ offers fanless system design and incorporates AMD64 technology in a 9W power envelope. This processor will provide particular advantages for designers focused on delivering high performance and functionality in single board computing and embedded client systems and is compatible with the recently announced AMD M690T chipset. It also features the high shock and vibration specification Socket S1, offering high reliability for ruggedized computing, according to the company.

One of the key benefits of bringing AMD64 technology into the 9W envelope is that it allows partners to standardize on a common CPU development platform across embedded, desktop, notebook, and sever product lines; and also enables partners to future-proof their designs while beginning the transition to 64-bit software development, highlighted sources at AMD.

Extended temperature support can be particularly critical in extreme computing environments. Applications such as telecommunications infrastructure (including wired, wireless and MSB/MSC), single board computing, automotive and transportation systems, and industrial control and monitoring often require temperature support in the -40 to +85-degrees Celsius range, which can now be supported with the AMD Geode LX [email protected] processor.

There is no doubt of the benefits that these new embedded processors will bring to the party. Defense Departments will also be likely to invest here...

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