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AMD Expected to Launch Radeon HD 4890 Card Next Week

4890Discussions about the much-awaited AMD Radeon HD 4890 card have been going around the internet for some time now. The official launch date, as announced by the company is April 2nd, much sooner than originally expected.

The new launch date is surprising considering rumours that the card is already being sold by retailers in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Expected to be priced at £230, the AMD Radeon HD 4890 is also believed to be in stock with a number of retailers, including Novatech. The latter has presumably benchmarked the new card against an AMD Radeon HD 4870 512MB, with results available on Novatech forum.

The new card, which Novatech forum administrator GIBBO describes only as a “mysterious card”, is miles ahead of the HD 4870. In the tests, the system featuring the new card scored 3.5 per cent higher in terms of 3DMarks than a system running the Radeon HD 4870 512MB. In GPU performance too, the new card clocked 12 per cent faster than the 4870; when overclocked, the speed gap increased to a whopping 30 per cent.

If this mysterious card is the Radeon HD 4890, it would be AMD’s fastest ever single-GPU part. With NVIDIA also expected to launch its GeForce GTX 275 early in April, the next week could be an interesting one featuring yet another showdown between the two graphics card heavyweights.

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