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AMD finally release four 9x50 Phenoms

Today AMD finally release the four new B3 9X50 Phenoms, each one being a quad core, the slowest of which has a speed of 2.3Ghz a cache of 2Mb and a TDP of 95watts. The new B3s are totally bug free so you can forget the old TLB bug.

It will cost around £170. As I said in an older article about there being a Phenom 9550 which replaced the 9500 this is not happening anymore and so if you want 2.2ghz you will have to grab yourself a buggy 9500.

The second B3 will be the Phenom 9750 which has a speed of 2.4ghz this comes in two version the 125watt TDP and the 95watt TDP. Both of which are priced exactly the same at around £170 again. This doesn't make much sense at this is the same as the lower spec 9650.

Finally the best of them all the 9850 black edition running at 2.5Ghz and a TDP of about 125watts with 4000Mhz HyperTransport. This is the best value chip and will be on sale for £185 which is an outstanding price and if you are aiming for a Phenom this looks like the one to get.
All prices are the RRP from AMD. AMD's price list can be found here.
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