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AMD Flagship R680 - 1Tflop


It has been reported that AMD plans to introduce a dual chip card called Radeon HD 2950X2X and it will have two RV670 chips on a single PCB. They called this dual GPU solution R670. On the other hand, we are still hearing R680 from our sources but both of us could be referring to the same thing. We even heard faintly that R680 could be AMD's ambitious plan to integrate two RV670 into a single die, if not on the same package.

VR-Zone has got hold of a presentation slide recently that gave some clues that R680 is a dual GPU (RV670 slide show only one GPU pic). Our good buddy, CJ told us R680 is indeed a dual RV670 solution and is 1.5X faster than a Radeon HD 2900 XT in Crossfire. Another source told us that R680 could reach 20K in 3DMark06 or rather the target AMD is trying to achieve.