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AMD Gets Lucky On GPU Front
AMD seems to be catching a break on the GPU front, recently reporting higher yields from their 55nm RV670 chip manufacturing.  AMD believes that these improved yields will allow them to become more price competitive.
This is coming at a good time considering they have two new products based on the RV670 core coming soon.  First is the entry-level HD3830, which was reported earlier in the month to feature a 128-bit memory interface, 320 stream processing units, 16 texture filtering units and 16 ROPs, and will support memory capacities up to 256MB.  It is set to come out in either April or May with a price between $99 and $149.
After that will come AMD's next dual-GPU solution, the HD3850 X2, which will support 512MB to 1GB GDDR3 or 1.8GHz DDR memory.  With a price between $299 and $379, the HD3850 X2 is meant to challenge Nvidia's 8800GTS.
Will these new developments allow AMD to secure a stronger share in the graphics card market?
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