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AMD HD3800 pricing shock follows down-clock call

AMD's answer to the 8800 GT and revamped 8800 GTS - the HD3800 (R680), which is reportedly on track for mid November this year looks like it's going to be an absolute bargain.

The HD 3850 will exist primarily as a 256MB part, while the 3870 will bring 512MB to the table. Some 3850 parts may come with 512MB and some 3870 parts with 1GB of memory -for 20 and 50 USD/EUR above current asking price.

Radeon HD 3850 should retail for between $149 to 179 (USD), while 3870 should be between 200 to 230. This is brilliant pricing, going way below 8800GT.

According to our source, and admittedly it should be taken with a grain of salt, AMD has run into clocking walls with a certain heatsink-fan combo. Reading between the lines of the source article it appears that AMD are having major problems with the scalability of the GPU, and subsequently, the yields may not be as healthy as AMD are making out.

Pricing for both launch parts is very aggressive, and AMD claims it is all due to 55nm process working like a clockwork and achieving excellent yields.

If you consider the problems that AMD had with R600 and the continual delays in getting the the cards to the retail channel, there may actually be an element of truth to the rumour. Furthermore; with the significant price reduction, albeit rumour, it seems to add some weight behind the move.

The real truth is that AMD started running into clocking walls (with a selected heatsink-fan combo) and again decided to crash the prices instead of gunning for a better cooling setup that will enable those 800 MHz+ clocks we saw earlier in development.

AMD is touting DirectX 10.1, UVD and PowerPlay checkbox features as key features for selling the RV670 chips.

Again I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

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