AMD Hex-Core Coming May? Page: 1

Late last year, we reported that AMD would be releasing their desktop hex-core processor line, Thuban, some time this year.  Well now it seems a timeframe has been set.  OCWorkbench has reported that Thuban is expected to hit the market in May with the brand name Phenom II X6 1000T series.

Essentially the desktop variant of AMD's Istanbul server processors, Thuban is based on the K10 architecture and will feature a 512KB per core L2 cache, shared 6MB L3 cache, and a HT frequency of 2.4 GHz.  The series will be based on the 45nm process and have a TDP range of 95W-140W.

The Thuban processor is intended to be paired with the RD890+SB850 chipset (expected to be out April, featuring native SATA 6Gbps support) to form the Leo platform.  However, it should be compatible with current AM3 790FX/GX motherboards with a BIOS update.

Model Number
Freq. L2 Cache L3 Cache HT   TDP Socket Release Date
Phenom II X6 xxx   2.8 GHz 6x 512 KB 6 MB 2.4 GHz   140 W AM3 Q2 2010
Phenom II X6 1075T   x GHz 6x 512 KB 6 MB 2.4 GHz ? 125 W AM3 Q2 2010
Phenom II X6 1055T   x GHz 6x 512 KB 6 MB 2.4 GHz ? 125/95 W AM3 Q2 2010
Phenom II X6 1035T   x GHz 6x 512 KB 6 MB 2.4 GHz ? 95 W AM3 Q2 2010

According to DigiTimes, Intel will be beating AMD to the punch, releasing their hex-core Gulftown processor, the Core i7 980X, to market at the end March with a wallet-cringing pricetag over $1000.  While the Thuban line likely won't be able to quite compete in performance, if they're able to price it right, AMD should be able to hold their own in the hex-core fight.