AMD Hudson SB May Have Integrated USB 3.0 Page: 1

Earlier this week, we reported about the first southbridge to be paired with AMD's Fusion chips, the Hudson D1.  At the time, there was no indication about whether the platform would support integrated USB 3.0.  Well now it seems AMD is trying to get it.

Sources from notebook makers report that AMD is currently in talks with Renesas Electronics about licensing their technology for integration.  Renesas had merged with NEC, who is the main provider of USB 3.0 chips, earlier this year.  It is NEC's D720200F controller that is used in most of today's USB 3.0-ready devices, such as ASUS's U3S6 add-on card.

If AMD manages to bring in integrated support on the Hudson D1 this year, it'll give them a pretty large jump on Intel.  Reports say that Intel is planning on waiting even longer to bring in their support, delaying it another year to 2012.  If they are able to capitalize on this, AMD could be seeing even more ground being made up in the CPU/motherboard market.

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