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Global "The Future is Fusion" Campaign Focuses on Unique AMD Ability to Ignite Next-generation Solutions through Innovation Leadership, Customer Collaboration and Industry Impact OC3D Official Press Release logo
AMD has launched a new corporate brand campaign under a new tagline, "The Future is Fusion." The campaign is intended to focus on how the unique AMD combination of technologies, coupled with close relationships with computer manufacturers and a deep understanding of customer needs, results in exciting next-generation capabilities and experiences at work, at home, and at play.
Under the new initiative, AMD has been working on a software utility called AMD Fusion for Gaming. Working in conjunction with AMD's Overdrive CPU overclocking tool and the ATI Catalyst Control Center, Fusion for Games is an adjustable utility that turns off assorted background processes on a PC to achieve better CPU performance during gameplay.
Available today for download, the AMD Fusion for Gaming utility beta is designed to allow gamers to experience greater performance on AMD processor-based PCs with a simple click of a button. It works by temporarily reducing resource-consuming background services while boosting compute performance with advanced acceleration technologies, including:

* Auto-Tune for AMD processors and chipsets, which is designed to optimize platform performance while maintaining system stability;
* Clock Multiplier Control and Advanced Clock Calibration from within the AMD Overdrive™ utility allows gaming enthusiasts to customize the performance level of their processor and platform. AMD Overdrive™ is able to monitor the temperature, frequency and stability of the processor and platform to allow users to find the optimal settings for the task at hand;
* Auto-Tune for ATI graphics from within the award-winning Catalyst™ Control Center software, providing complete control of the performance and visual quality of your ATI Radeon™ graphics for a personalized visual experience on the PC; and
* Hard Drive Acceleration to decrease data seek time and increase hard drive performance.
AMD Fusion for Gaming is designed to make it easy for mainstream users to shut down many of the background processes that hog CPU and memory resources at any given time on a typical PC. It features three profile settings -- the default "basic" and "advanced" profiles which shut down progressively more background processes, and an "expert" profile which lets the user adjust settings, overclock the CPU in conjunction with Overdrive, and even overclock the hard drive.
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AMD Fusion for Gaming beta can be downloaded here
This may be a handy utility for those on Microsoft Vista systems.
If you install the AMD Fusion for Gaming beta then tell us all about it in our forum