AMD launch Phenom 9600 "Black Edition" CPU Page: 1
According to TG Daily, AMD are releasing an unlocked Phenom CPU, called the 9600 Black Edition. Sounds good in practise, but i'm still very wary of these new CPUs, especially after they've recieved less than impressive benchmarks AND there's a lot of talk about errors with them at the moment!
AMD announced today it has released a special Phenom 9600+ Black Edition quad-core processor with full access to clock multiplier control. Priced the same as the 9600+ standard edition, the Black Edition allows enthusiasts to tinker with the clock speed settings, to obtain higher clock speeds under extreme cooling. AMD included the warning, "AMD is not responsible for damages caused by overclocking (even when overclocking is enabled with AMD OverDrive software)".

It is our understanding that these Phenoms still contain the errata (bug) which causes a decrease in performance by up to 20% when the BIOS fix/patch is applied, according to benchmark data provided by TechReport on December 6, 2007. The errata reportedly relates to the TLB (translation lookaside buffer, a type of high-speed "scratch pad" for keeping crucial internal data close to the core), as well as a portion of the L2 to L3 cache data exchange. There are also reported software patches for operating systems with source code, like Linux, which include a software workaround that will negate the performance hit. The OS requires a recompile and can be deployed.
Personally I dont see why AMD are pushing on with producing bugged chips, it hardly adds to the already dwindling appeal of this chips!
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