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AMD loses market share in x86 workstation segment faster than expected.

Admittedly, it's news that AMD wouldn't have wanted to hear, but it is consistent with the current state of play within the processor market. Intel’s Core-based Xeon processor has reclaimed virtually all market shares the company had lost to AMD between Q3 2005 and Q2 2006.

According to John Peddie Research, Intel has taken advantage of a healthy 15% increase in workstation sales growth, and as a result AMD has lost nearly all of its foothold on the majority market share.

“We’d expected AMD's share to moderate or level off by the time Intel improved its dual-socket Xeon platform in mid ’06, but we hadn’t anticipated the decline we’ve seen,” said JPR analyst Alex Herrera. “The extent of Intel’s rebound will put that much more pressure on AMD to deliver quad-core Barcelona soon - and with better performance than Xeon.”

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