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AMD Vision
AMD Vision Campaign DiagramAMD have come up with a marketing scheme, called Vision, to make purchasing computers a lot easier for the general public, who often purchase a computer from high street stores based on numbers. The higher the gigabytes or gigahertz and the better it must be. Well, it's soon to change as AMD will consolidate their 20 plus processor and video card ranges into just 4, making it simple to see what performance they can expect and what the machine is capable of.
The four categories are; Vision Basic, Vision Premium, Vision Ultimate and soon to be Vision Black. Basic machines will be for low end tasks, premium for more intense tasks and ultimate for resource hungry tasks. Black will launch early next year and is aimed at high-end desktops. At least four well known computer manufacturers, including Acer, have signed up to this new scheme.
The first notebook to carry the Vision nomenclature will arrive in October before the Windows 7 launch. Discuss in our Forums.