AMD Preps Entry-Level DX11 Cards Page: 1

AMD have thus far targeted the high-end and mainstream markets with their HD 5000 series of GPUs.  Now they have turned their sights onto the entry-level arena with the HD 5570 and HD 5450.

Clearly aimed at the HTPC market, both cards are of a low-profile, low-power design, requiring less than 50W of juice.  Video output is provided by the usual DVI and VGA ports, as well as a HDMI 1.3a port that also supplies Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio support.  Aside from the obvious DirectX 11 support, the cards also feature support for AMD's multi-display technology, Eyefinity, for up to three displays.

On the hardware side of things, the cards feature up to 200 stream processors and a 64-bit memory interface.  The HD 5570 will utilize GDDR5 RAM and a small heatsink and fan while the HD 5450 has GDDR3 RAM and makes use of a passive cooling solution.

Both cards are expected to hit the stage some time next month.