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AMD preps RS780, RS780C and RS740

AMD are reportedly riding on the success and high adoption rate of their 690G chipset. So much in fact, that they are currently preparing the DX10 variant as we speak. According to the source, the RS780 and RS780C are both scheduled for Q1 2008 release.

Both will support HT3 and uses the SB700 south bridge. The new SB700 will support 1 IDE, 6 SAT II, RAID 0,1,10,5, 14 USB ports and comes with GbE LAN. Both chipsets supports HDMI/HDCP. The graphics core used is still undecided but we suspect it should have faster than the current X1250, perhaps a X2400 with less shaders.

In Q4 2007, AMD will deliver another AMD chipset RS740. The specs of RS740 is very similar to 690G except that the number of SATA II ports is increased to 6 and support 14 USB ports instead of 10. It would probably be the same North bridge + a new Soutb bridge SB700.

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