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AMD Pulls Out Triple Threat

AMD announced today that they will be going into a so far unexplored market in the processor world: the triple core processor. Due to be available sometime in quarter one of 2008, the Phenom triple core processors will provide a broader array of multi-core solutions to the market.

The Phenom triple core processor will be based on AMD's Direct Connect Architecture and will feature an integrated memory controller, AMD’s Balanced Smart Cache with a shared L3 cache, HyperTransport™ 3.0, up to 16 GB/second of high bandwidth I/O, and Cool‘n’Quiet™ 2.0 technology.

“With our advanced multi-core architecture, AMD is in a unique position to enable a wider range of premium desktop solutions, providing a smarter choice for customers and end users,” said Greg White, vice president and general manager, Desktop Division, AMD. “This innovation is a direct result of our development of the industry’s first true, native quad-core design, coupled with AMD’s manufacturing flexibility, to create multi-core processors in two, three, and four computational core configurations on a single die of silicon. As a customer-centric company, AMD is committed to working with our OEMs to deliver compelling value propositions across their multi-core product families with capabilities that address their requirements and aspirations.”

“Microsoft is excited to see AMD creating new technologies like the AMD Phenom triple-core processors,” said Bill Mitchell, corporate vice president of the Windows Hardware Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp. “We see potential for power and performance improvements through triple-core processing in the industry and are exploring with AMD the possibility of taking advantage of this in the Microsoft family of products.”

“A continued commitment to elegant design and innovative processor architecture is instrumental to revolutionizing the technology industry,” said Richard Shim, research manager for IDC's Personal Computing program. “The advent of triple-core processors is a valuable market opportunity for customers to deliver compelling solutions to end-users and further differentiate themselves within the desktop PC market.”

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