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AMD Pushes Back Fusion Processor Release
After doing a bit of testing, AMD has had a bit of a change in plans for their Fusion X86/graphics combo processors.  The 45nm Shrike, intended to be released as their first combo processor in 2010, is no more.  The release of the first chip of this type is now pushed back to 2011 coincide with a move to the 32nm manufacturing process.
"As we have gotten more mature information about the 45 nm process technology we were seeing product improvements [for Shrike] in all three areas [of performance, power and cost] in single digits," said Allen.

"Shrike in 45 nm would deliver modest improvements, but we see huge improvements in 32 nm which is the sweet spot for the convergence so graphics and x86 cores," Allen said.

"We always knew that 32 nm would deliver the big benefits" for combined x86 and graphics cores, "and the 45 nm benefits would be more incremental," Allen added.
AMD's 2010 laptop platform release will now be BGA-package quad-core processor, code-named Champlain.  This CPU will have the same or greater processing power than the Shrike, as well as lower cost and power consumption.
So what exactly is in store for 2011?  AMD has three sets of 32nm processors in the books: Orochi, Llano, and Ontario.  Coincidentally, these will be the first to utilize the Bulldozer core.
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