AMD Quietly Adds Two New Radeon HD 6000M Series GPUs Page: 1

AMD recently added two new Radeon HD 6000M series mobile GPUs to its line up; the new processors have just appeared on the company website without any official announcement or product release.

Quite similar to the Radeon HD 5000M chips, the new HD 6500M and the HD 6300M are also based on AMDs 40nm process technology. While the HD 6500M carries 400 Stream Processors, the HD 6300M has a comparatively lowly 80 Stream Processors.

The RD 6500M also features 20 Texture Units, a GDDR5 and DDR3 memory interface and UVD 2. The HD 6300M is equipped with 8 Texture units and supports only DDR3 memory. IIn terms of clock speeds, its core will run between 500 and 650 MHz while its memory range is from 1800 MHz (DDR3) to 3600 MHz (GDDR5). The HD 6300M on the other hand has a clock set to run between 500 MHz and 750 MHz and memory clock speeds set between 1600 MHz and 1800 MHz.

Common features between the two GPUs include OpenGL 4.1 support, CrossFireX for dual-GPU scaling, and DirectX 11.

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