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AMD Ramping Up Linux Graphics Support
Over the years, ATI graphics card driver support for the Linux platform have been constantly improving. Now though, AMD is taking things to a new level. Not only have they provided same-day support for the recently released 4800 series of cards, but they have gone so far as to put these drivers on the CDs included in the packaging. This is something that has never been done before. AMD is also working to bring the some of the higher-level features, such as CrossFireX support, to Linux platform.
AMD's ability to provide such fast support is due largely in part to the fact that quite a bit of the driver code is shared between the Windows and Linux platforms. AMD is proud of their support of the Linux platform, with the signature penguin mascot Tux displayed prominently on the ATI-brand retail packaging. However, AIB brands that design their own packaging will have to decide whether they will follow suit.
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