AMD Readying Phenom II X3 740 Page: 1
Faster Triple Core CPU
After the recent update of the Phenom II X4 range, AMD have added another processor into the X3 lineup. The Phenom II X3 740 is clocked at 3.0GHz, 200MHz faster than the 720 BE, it features the same 6MB of L3 Cache and 1.5MB of L2 Cache per core. Based on the same 45nm Heka Core, it has a 95w TDP, and the same possibility of unlocked the "hidden" core on certain motherboards.
The CPU has a multiplier of 15, although it is rumored to be a black edition CPU, meaning it will have an unlocked multiplier for easier overclocking. It is said to be priced at around $130-$150 upon it's launch in late September. This is the same as the 720 was on Launch.
Yet another well planned move from AMD, they are slowly taking the price vs performance crown in all price brackets.
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