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8 more Athlon II's
Today AMD announced eight additions to their Athlon II range of processors, aimed at the mainstream users. Among the processors are two low power quad cores, four tri core models and finally, two low power dual cores. These are designed to compete wih Intel's budget offerings, such as the E7000 and E8000 series, which are priced considerably higher.
Model Frequency TDP Price
 Athlon II X4 600e  2.2Ghz  45w  $133
 Athlon II X4 605e  2.3Ghz 45w  $143
 Athlon II X3 425  2.7Ghz 90w   $76
 Athlon II X3 435  2.9Ghz 90w   $87
 Athlon II X3 400e  2.2Ghz  45w  $97
 Athlon II X3 405e  2.3Ghz  45w  $102
 Athlon II X2 235e  2.7Ghz  45w  $69
  Athlon II X2 240e  2.8Ghz  45w  $77
As you can see there is a real range of processors, priced between £40 and £90, there is something at every price point from AMD. The 45w TDP parts will be really useful in low power systems and home theatre PCs as well as users looking for performance on a tight budget. As usual, the CPUs support both AM2+ and AM3 socket motherboards with DDR2 or DDR3 RAM installed. All models above should be fully available in the next few days from the usual places.
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