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AMD RV670 HD 2950 PRO Specifications and Pictures Leaked


Translated from the source article:
We already knew, RV670 Both models will be available in mid-November. But today sources confirmed the release by releasing information and detailed specifications of the RV670 promo doc, although all the info list in the pic we are already known in the previous reports,In this pic, we can able to see some other things.
Compared to R600, RV670 are using TSMC's 55 nanometer technology, it will have better thermal performance and power consumption. It uses a single-slot design, maybe AMD is thinking Quad Crossfire. How's the Quad Crossfire proforming in PCIe2.0 mode? have outstanding performance? Let us waiting.
Unfortunately, in RV670 spy Pic leaking by NV800 we cant find Display port. But AMD has already promised: RV670 will have DisplayPort. We think DisplayPort products now still not in mass production, so AMD omitted that slot in the sample. According to the current information we know, in this generation all the graphics core, both RV670 & G92 are not directly support DispalyPort, They need a conversion chips to Support that.
Although AMD HD 2000 series cards support PCIe some 2.0 features partly , but in the pic we can know, AMD wish to use RV670 to replace R600,adds UVD support to Hi end cards. Now the only thing is let's hope the UVD wont have any kinds of playback issues.






DigiTimes seem to confirm this information:

AMD is preparing to launch its new Radeon HD 2950PRO (RV670) chip on November 19, according to sources at graphics card makers. The company recently notified graphics card makers that design verification test (DVT) samples will be sent out at the beginning of this month and AMD will start producing a batch of 1.5 million chips in the first week of November.
The Radeon HD 2950PRO will continue to adopt the R600 chip structure. It will support DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.0, PCI Express 2.0, UVD and CrossFire technology. The chip also features built-in HDMI, HDCP and 320 stream processors per GPU.
The Radeon HD 2950PRO will come in two versions, Gladiator and Revival, with Gladiator adopting 512MB GDDR4 graphics memory, a GPU frequency of 825MHz and a memory frequency of 2.4GHz. Revival will adopt 256/512MB GDDR3 graphics memory, a GPU frequency of 750MHz and a memory frequency of 1.8GHz.


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