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AMD RV740 Card Gets Previewed

With AMD's next-level ATI GPU card finally on their way, it's only natural to expect performance numbers to start to appear.  And they have, for the more mid-range RV740 that is.  Guru3D have gotten their hands on an early RV740-based card sample and are the first the publish preliminary performance results.

Built upon the 40nm manufacturing process, the RV740 is essentially a die-shrink refresh of the RV770LE, aka the HD 4830, with higher clock speeds and a memory upgrade to GDDR5 with 128-bit interface.

Testing was conducted using a top-notch system with a Core i7 965 Extreme clocked to 3.75GHz on an Asus X58 Rampage II Extreme bearing 6GB of 1500MHz DDR3 ram.  The card was compared to the HD 4670, 9600GT, HD 4830, and HD 4850.

Throughout the tests, the RV740-based card proved to be a real contender, outperforming all of the other cards except for the HD 4850, and even then it rarely trailed by more than 10%.  It must also be taken into account that tests were conducted using an early beta driver, so there's always a chance performance could be improved with final release drivers.  No doubt the higher clock speeds and GDDR5 memory played a role in its topping of its predecessor, the HD 4830.  Considering there is a very solid chance this card will retail under $100, AMD may have a real winner on their hands here.

To see the full details and performance numbers, check out the full preliminary review here.

Will the HD 4750 be the next mid-range king?

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