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AMD's 12-core and 8-core processors get a new home in 2010 AMD's Socket G34
The 'Core War' between Intel and AMD is hotting up. AMD has recently unveiled its plans for 8-core and 12-core processors come 2010. AMD's 12-core processor will be named Magny-Cours after the French town made famous by its Formula One French Grand Prix circuit, and the 8-core will be Sao Paolo. Both will be new second-generation 45nm processors.
As we already know Intel's Nehalem processors to be released this year will feature tri-channel DDR3 memory support. AMD is reportedly going to up the ante by providing registered and unregistered quad-channel DDR3 support. Current roadmaps claim standard support will include speeds from 800 to 1600 MHz.
AMD will also overhaul its current socket architecture to make way for DDR3 support, and the new socket will be named G34
AMD insiders would reveal very little about the G34 socket, other than its a derivative of the highly secretive G3 socket that was to replace Socket F (1207). As far as company documentation goes, G3 ceased to exist in March 2008, and has been replaced with the G34 program instead. The first of these sockets will be available for develops in early 2009.

We counted 1974 pin connects on the leaked G34 diagram -- 767 more pins than AMD's current LGA1207 socket. Given the additional interconnect pathways for DDR3 and the HyperTransport buses, a significant increase in the number of pins was to be expected.
We're in for some exciting times ahead it seems
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