AMD Thuban CPU Confirmed For 2010 Page: 1
AMD Thuban in 2010
We reported a while ago, that AMD's hex-core processor range, based on their Istanbul Server range, would be coming soon. Today we can confirm they will be coming in 2010, and are aimed to rival Intel's Gulftown, also a hex-core processor range.
The Thuban CPUs will be based on the 45nm process, and also be backwards compatible with current AM2+/AM3 motherboards, due to it's integrated memory controller.
The new CPUs will feature 3MB of L2 Cache and 6MB of L3 Cache, although AMD tell us to expect lower clock speeds than the current quad cores. This is rumoured to be down to temperatures, although not confirmed yet. As we have seen over the years though, at first we had high clocked dual cores, then 'slower' quad cores, which have increased over time, maybe the hex-core CPUs will follow the trend eventually?
Aimed to go head to head with Intel's Gulftown, it will be an interesting battle, although the backwards compatibility of AMD's range might give them a significant lead! Discuss in our Forums.