AMD To Introduce Dynamic Speed Boost Page: 1

When Intel's Core i7 processors first came out late 2008, one of the main touted features was the Turbo Boost technology.  The feature is essentially an automatic, dynamic overclocker, increasing individual core clock frequencies based on load and operating system requests.  Up until now AMD has left the technology alone, but it seems they will do so no longer.

Xbit Labs have reported that AMD will be introducing their own dynamic speed boost feature with their upcoming Thuban hex-core processor.  Currently dubbed "C-state performance boost," this hardware-based feature will automatically disable idle cores and clock the rest to the max within thermal and power limits.

Seeing as software support for multi-core threading still isn't quite as widespread as one could want, it is a logical decision for AMD to introduce such a feature with their hex-core processors.  Now the question is whether it will help give them the extra oomph they need to compete against Intel's offerings.