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AMD to Launch Athlon II in September?

The internet rumour market is hot with talks of AMD launching a quad-core Athlon II this year. According to a report on Taiwanese tech site DigiTimes, the Athlon II will be a part of Pisces, a new entry-level desktop platform from AMD.

Providing details about the new platform, the portal revealed that it will be based on AMD’s 55nm 780G+ chipset with an integrated Radeon HD4200 GPU. Citing motherboard partners as its source of information DigiTimes informed that AMD will be releasing the platform before September 2009.

AMD first introduced the numbering strategy with its Phenom II and while it has added several suffixes such as XP, 64, FX and X2 to its Athlon series, it has so far stayed away from adding numbers. The only time it came close was with the Athlon 4 mobile chip. This might be changing soon with the Athlon II.

The new CPUs are likely to carry AMD’s forthcoming Propus, Rana and Regor cores. While AMD is yet to provide official information about these cores, specifications about the same were published by PC Online last month. While the Propus might be a quad-core Athlon-branded CPU with 2MB of L2+L3 cache, the Rana is likely to be a three-core one with a total of 1.5MB of L2+L3 cache. The Regor chips are rumoured to carry two cores.

PC Online called these chips the Athlon X4, Athlon X3 and Athlon X2 respectively. While the nomenclature from PC Online differs from that hinted at by DigiTimes, both websites confirm the news; AMD is likely to release some Athlon-branded quad-core and triple-core chips later in the year.

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