AMD Tri-Core Details Revealed Page: 1
Codenames and features of the tri-core CPUs AMD is planning to launch next year and in 2009 have been revealed by sources at motherboard makers.

Toliman adopts a 65nm process, supports socket AM2+ motherboards, and supports HyperTransport 3.0. The CPUs will have 2MB L3 cache and will be launched by the end of March 2008, according to the sources.

The next-generation, 45nm-based CPUs will adopt socket AM3, support HyperTransport 3.0 and DDR2/DDR3 memory, and will launch in first half of 2009, noted the sources.

The motherboard makers pointed out that whether AMD's tri-core CPUs are successful in the market will depend on their price/performance ratio compared quad-core and dual-core CPUs.

AMD declined the opportunity to respond to this report saying it cannot comment on unannounced products.

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